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Project Management Workshop

Project Management Workshop

Successful Projects are driven by professional Project Managers capable of effective communication and implementation of strategic decisions. However, mission critical projects often include team members from different positions in the hierarchy of the organization, which leads to numerous communication issues and potential risks. New CPM Project Management workshop series enable functional managers to apply the best practices necessary to achieve the strategic goals of the organization and enable project managers to focus on collaboration with stakeholders, project planning and efficient use of teams.

In September 2018. CPM celebrates 20 years of successful knowledge management leadership and invites you to attend our exclusive interactive CPM Project Management Workshop from 17th to 18th September 2018, from 9am to 4pm.

This CPM workshop summarizes PMI best practices of project initiation and planning and is intended for all professionals who are starting mission critical projects in their organization. Join CPM team in this unique Project Management celebration and apply the best PMI practices of managing stakeholders, scope, time, resources and risks from the day one on your project.

For more information and details we are available by phone: 011 / 313 07 03 or email address  and