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CPM Technical Support - FrontRange Goldmine

For users of GoldMine software CPM offers complete technical support for monitoring, analyzing and solving specific problems and users requirements, in your company in a timely manner. All communications with the beneficiary in the provision of technical assistance is carried out directly by a responsible person, in with the professional advices and suggestions that help solving all your technical and business challenges and risks.

For CPM technical support users the following services are offered:

1. Installation and implementation of CRM system

2. Additional CRM software training

3. Forming contacts database and entering basic information about users

4. Creating work environment for  marketing and sales users

5. Creating groups of contacts

6. Assist your team in carrying out marketing analysis

7. Customer help in everyday use of GoldMine software

8. Literature, guidelines and instructions in Serbian language

9. Diagnosing failures and problems that occur during work (in the field, in the users premises)



1. Who uses GoldMine?
All sorts of companies use GoldMine worldwide. If your business or organisation is all about tracking and keeping information about clients or contacts, you need a tool like GoldMine.

2. What's GoldMine used for?
GoldMine is mainly used to store information about your customers, clients and contacts. It's also used to track your activities, manage marketing campaigns and track your sales opportunities.

3. What help can I get from Wizard Systems?
Wizard Systems can put the whole system together for you. If you need any help in setting GoldMine up, CPM can provide full installation, training and support.

4. Is it complicated to use?
Nо, GoldMine has been around since 1991 and is used by 2 million users worldwide. If you can type with one finger, you can use GoldMine.