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PMI Certification

CPM professional service packages for PMI certification preparation are designed for employees in companies that intend to be PMI certified in the area of project management, and gain one of the most prestigious international titles in this area.
As a result of a seventeen year experience in training and certification of project managers, as well as providing consulting services to companies and individuals involved in project management, CPM has designed training and consulting service packages that help individuals on their way to certification and increase the probability of success on the PMI exam.

Also, our experience has shown that mentoring sessions with experienced PMI certified CPM consultants is of great help in the process of preparing for PMI certification. At these sessions clients get personalized assistance in the exam preparation, with advices and tips and tricks.

In order to maintain PMI PMP® certification certified project manager has to collect 60 PDU (Professional Development Units) over a period of three years, which include participation in trainings, conferences, holding lectures on project management etc.CPM is the first Global PMI REP in the Balkan region.


Packet 1

  • Training Project Management - Advanced Techniques (35 hours)
  • PMP® and CAPM® Certification - Preparatory Course (24 hours)
  • Three mentoring session lasting for 2 hours (6 hours)
  • 50% discount for an advanced CPM course that carries PDU points after the Certification 

Packet 2

Packet 3

Packet 4