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Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia (ACES) is a professional and non-profit association established in April 2009 with the aim to: promote the role and importance of FIDIC standards in Serbia, affirm the highest ethical standards that could be applied in the work of consulting engineers to ensure that members adhere to FIDIC standards and with those standards to effectively participate in fight against corruption in the construction industry, contribute to the promotion of procedures that ensure transparency, collect information of interest for the work of consulting engineers, encourage development and innovation of technical knowledge of ACES members by organizing seminars, workshops and consultations, monitor and provide necessary information for its members related to law regulations, policies and programs of the relevant institutions in Serbia that are of interest to the Association.

ACES members can be consulting-engineering firms in Serbia, as well as architectural companies, contractors, banks, insurance companies, law firms and other firms that are interested in promoting the objectives of the Association.

Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia became a member of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC (Fédération International Des Ingénieurs – Conseils) on September 16th, 2009. With that, ACES has taken the honor and responsibility to, as a branch of FIDIC for the territory of the Republic Serbia, promote the highest standards in construction sector.

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