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Центар за управљање пројектимаЦентар за управљање пројектимаЦентар за управљање пројектима
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 Attendees: Anyone involved in software development or IT infrastructure Duration: 3 days (18 hours) TRAINING CONTENT: Definition of DevOps, goals and stakeholders Problems in IT without DevOps Advantages of DevOps Agile frameworks and DevOps Scrum SAFe Agile Service Management Lean Value Stream Mapping Improvement Kata Basic principles and practice How…
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Project management using the Earned Value method

Attendees: Clients and project managers, members of project teams Duration: 3 days (18 hours) Introduction to the realized value method What is the realized value method? Why use the realized value method? Classic Management vs. Realized Value Management Realized value and management Realized Value Management vs. Project/Program Management System assumptions for…
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