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PMI certification

PMI certification

CPM packages of services for PMI certification are intended for employees in companies and institutions who intend to be certified in the field of project management, and gain one of the most prestigious international titles in this field.

As a result of twelve years of experience in training and certifying project managers, as well as providing consulting services to companies and individuals involved in project management, CPM has designed service packages that help professionals on their way to PMI certification and significantly increase the probability of passing the exam.

Given the significant commitment required when registering for the PMI exam, CPM noted that clients often need help in enrolling in the PMI and registering for the PMI exam, so it has included this service in its package offer.

Also, experience has shown us that mentoring sessions with experienced PMI certified CPM consultants are of great help to participants in the process of preparation for PMI certification. At the mentoring CPM sessions, clients are provided with concrete assistance in exam preparation, they are given advice for successful taking and their practical preparation for the exam is directed.

In order for a certified project manager to maintain their PMI PMP® certification, it is necessary to collect 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units), ie. “Professional points” over a period of three years. Points include participation in trainings, conferences, lectures in the field of project management and other development activities.


The international PMI certification of project managers is very important for the economies of the region, because it confirms the quality of our personnel and thus directly contributes to the development of economic cooperation, the development of human resources and business potential for the cooperation of the region with Europe and other developed countries in the world. Additionally, PMI certification is a confirmation that you have taken your experience and knowledge to a higher level. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider PMI PMP® certification:

  1. Certified project managers have a developed unique opinion on project management standards, techniques, best practices and current trends in this area;
  2. In the certification process, you will learn tricks and techniques that will help you in your regular project management activities
  3. When hiring, many companies now prefer project managers who are PMI certified PMP®;
  4. The PMI PMP certificate is an internationally recognized level of your professional ability;
  5. If you work for a company that operates on a regional or international market, your PMI certificate can also help your company win new business, making you a more valuable resource for the company;
  6. PMI PMP® accreditation will provide you with the opportunity to associate and collaborate with other PMI PMP® professionals;

  7. The PMI PMP® certificate will raise your rating in the business world and among your colleagues;

  8. PMI PMP® status will provide you with opportunities to teach future candidates for PMI PMP® certification;

  9. PMI certification leads you to further accreditation, increased knowledge and professional opportunities;

  10. PMI PMP® status will distinguish you from all other project management experts in the eyes of business people and HR professionals;

More about PMI PMP® certification you can find on this link.