Project management using the Earned Value method

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Project management using the Earned Value method

AttendeesClients and project managers, members of project teams

Duration3 days (18 hours)

Introduction to the realized value method

  • What is the realized value method?
  • Why use the realized value method?
  • Classic Management vs. Realized Value Management
  • Realized value and management
  • Realized Value Management vs. Project/Program Management
  • System assumptions for managing the realized value method

Chapter overview

  • Project scope/scope management
  • What is WBS – Technological structure of project work scope
  • Why is WBS necessary?
  • Creation of WBS
  • WBS dictionary
  • OBS – Organizational structure for project implementation
  • Matrix of distribution of responsibilities – RAM

Chapter overview

  • Time management
  • Key time management settings
  • What is a timetable?
  • Planning vs Time Scheduling
  • Establishing a time schedule
  • Target time schedule plan
  • Critical Path (CP) Method

Chapter overview

Determining the project budget

Project cash flow management

Key settings of cash flow management

  • Budgeting procedure
  • Establishing a plan for spending money
  • Establishing a time target plan
  • Establishing a cost target plan

Scope, Time, Costs… – Consolidation!

Reporting at the WBS level

  • Cost (control) accounts
  • Work packages
  • Plan packages
  • Work packages/Planning packages


  • Component of the target plan of the contract
  • Documenting the target plan
  • Target time and spending plans
  • Chapter overview

A system for managing the realized value

Earned Value Management System – (EVMS) – Concept and methods

EVMS – Basic settings

  • Planned Value (PV)
  • Budget per completion (VAS)
  • Actual Cost (AS)
  • Realized Value (EV)


  • Earned Value (EV) – Methods
  • Overview
  • Project Status – Example
  • Chapter overview

An Earned Value Management System: Metrics, Measuring Achievement and Forecasting

  • Metrics, measuring achievements and predictions
  • Determination of the method of measurement
  • Performance indicators
  • Overview of differences and indicators of project achievements
  • Gap Reporting and Achievement Indicators – Cross-sectional

Realized value management system: Target monitoring plan and change management

Oversight of the target plan and change management

Management of contractual changes

Chapter overview

Earned Value Management System: Reporting

Communication of realized value data

  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Ѕ curves

Project Cost Achievement Report

  • Form 1: Technological structure of scope of work – WBS
  • Form 2: Organizational structure of the project – OVЅ
  • Form 3: Target plan
  • Form 4: Resource Engagement – RBS
  • Form 5: Difference analysis report

Cost/Time Schedule Summary Report


29 - 31 May 2023


10:00 - 16:00
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