How implementing a project management system can double profits in a small business

How to implement a project management system can double profits in small business
Every small business can double or triple its profits, if it really wants to. A lot of businesses do this every year, and the key element is responsibility. When people set high goals and take responsibility for achieving them, the business grows exponentially. The process of establishing specific goals that are achieved in a certain period of time is called the project system, and many of the most innovative and successful businesses today function in this way.


The project management system works because it shows ambitious people a way to clearly define the end result, and then plans the path to its realization. Whether it’s a sales manager’s project to double sales within 90 days, or an office director’s project to halve office procurement costs by the next quarter – every person on the team can become more efficient and successful through software training.

One of the biggest problems in any large or small company is that people become complacent and stop challenging themselves. Through software training, team members learn how to use software to set goals, and track them to maturity. A project management system alone will not create a successful company. This is a combination of a company-wide belief that anything is possible, staff who refuse to fail, and organizational software such as Primavera.

The psychological postulate behind the project management system is that everyone is responsible to the team for their part of the project. Each team member is guided by a vision of a clear end result. Primavera provides managers with the tools to do PERT analysis, allocate and manage resources, create project plans, and keep a team “on line,” well informed about progress.


Many large businesses, such as HP and Primavera, are run using project management systems, and yet many smaller ones operate without any planned system or process. Some start-up companies, like from San Diego, designed the complete infrastructure around the project system and grew from a newly built apartment into a multinational, multimillion-dollar company within 4 years. With training to use the Primavera software tool for every employee, reliance on a project management system, and developing a culture of advancement, there are no limits to small business development.

The project system can function successfully in any type and size of business, from very large to very small garage start-ups. Every business’s need to implement a project system is a results-driven company culture, organizational software such as Primavera and software training, for team members to learn how to maximize software potential.

In terms of innovation and success, Primavera is one of the world’s top. Therefore, anyone can use the tools of one of the most successful project-driven companies in the world. To double or even tenfold your business, the answer lies in setting company goals and processes for achieving them, not in any particular fact or trick.

Author: Rich Talbot