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Attendees: Anyone interested in PMI® certification

Duration of online support: One month (all working days from 19:00 to 21:00) maximum up to 40 working hours

Many years of CPM experience in education and preparation for PMI certification of project managers, as well as providing consulting services to companies and individuals engaged in project management, showed us that there is a need for customized support for students who strive for a more complete understanding of PMI PMBOK principles and approaches in the certification process. . CPM online support is a new training service that puts the experience of certified PMP consultants at your disposal. By applying the latest knowledge, tests and online platforms, they will give you guidelines on how to efficiently enter the finals of your preparation for PMI certification.

This CPM service is available for ordering by students from April 2024. CPM PMP professionals will provide you with current test questions in a personalized way, help with exam preparation, specific instructions and advice on how to approach “difficult” questions, how to correctly interpret them and solve them within the time frame test limitations. Every day, the CPM mentor will prepare personalized material for you in the form of tests, texts and pictures that contain only the most important things so that the student can reach top form. Thanks to online collaboration technology, each Client has the opportunity to ask questions from those domains that are not clear to him. In this way, the readiness of each participant to demonstrate their knowledge and successfully pass the PMI exam during the certification preparation process as well as on the exam itself is additionally strengthened and verified.