Banking sector

In line with global trends in banking, in order to obtain competitive advantage in the market and increase the quality of IT projects, it is essential that the Bank improves its own methodology for managing the implementation of IT projects.

The ultimate goal of this strategically important development project is further business improvement in the following areas:

1. Better decisions in the projects initiating process, analysis of the effects and the return of investments for each project. Based on this analysis, before the project initiation time, each project is evaluated and approved or denied.

2. The introduction of a uniform system for human resources management (staff, management, external participants) that is, in modern project management practices, used for:

  • Increasing the productivity of internal resources
  • Rationalization of external resources use
  • Assigning projects priority based upon the Bank's strategy, and overall utilization of all IT sector resources.

3. Portfolio analysis of the effects of all projects implemented by the Bank trough reporting management about:

  • Status of costs by the type of used and consumed resources
  • Planned demand for resources in the future
  • Current status of all projects in the observed time interval
  • Current status of all projects in the IT sector of the Bank in the observed time interval

4. Standardized way of reporting, communication and preparation of project documentation

By applying modern CPM Project Management System in the Bank's IT sector, its competitive advantage in the market and increasing of the quality of IT projects is assured. The financial results of projects, from the investors perspective, is reflected in the augmentation of the Bank's capital, and from the clients perspective, in the increase of savings, service quality and customer satisfaction.