FrontRange GoldMine

CPM is an authorized representative of the U.S. software kompanije Front Range for Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By applying modern FRONTRANGE CRM solutions you will easily achieve:

  1. Personalized text and e-mail communication with many clients
  2. Effective marketing and sales activities
  3. On-line analysis, promotional activities, telemarketing, sales and after-sales support
  4. Overview of planned and completed activities
  5. Your company`s centralized documentation, e-mail and archival system
  6. Customer support of high quality (help desk, printing and distribution of promotional materials)
  7. Analysis of sales, orders and team contacts by regions
  8. Effective internal communication with employees from all parts of your company
  9. Planning of future sales and analysis of market demand trends
  10. Access to data about your clients using  LAN network, Internet and Palm-tops.


GoldMine® Premium Edition

GoldMine® Premium Edition is a simple and powerful CRM tool that allows you to continuously improves communication with customers on daily level (e-mail, fax, letters, meetings, activities).

As your business volume grows, so will the new business targets require from you to optimally manage their relationships with existing customers. Do not let that new jobs stop you to use every opportunity to communicate with your existing customers.

In order to transform communication with your clients into a business success, use GoldMine® Premium Edition software that lets you:

  • Win new and retain existing clients
  • Work in a single database for e-mail communications and activities
  • Communicate with each client on a personal level

Using GoldMine® Premium Edition software, you will be focused on success in working with your clients and the company will be focused on your business success.