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Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Attendees: Project Managers, Project Team Meambers, Functional Managers

Duration: 3 days (21 hours)


  • The BPM course was created on the basis of the standard published by the International Association of Business Process Management Professionals
  • This CPM course follows the standards and practices documented in BPM CBOK (version 3rd) and is solid basis for the CBPA, CBPP, and CBPL certification.
  • The course covers:
    • Skills and knowledge areas from developing and defining business process management strategy to meeting the needs of stakeholders through analysis, improvement, design and development of the processes;
    • Harmonization of processes with IT technology and IT organization;
    • Identification and management of business benefits arising from business process improvements;
    • Linking the organizational strategy with the change of end-to-end business processes;
    • Tailoring the process transformation methodology to fit your organizational structure, culture and maturity;
    • Creating action plans in order to establish redesigned business processes and corresponding business rules;
    • Establishing and subsequently measuring KPIs in relation to strategic business goals;
    • Development of performance measurement system and the establishment of the practice of continuous process improvement.

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