EU Projects – From idea to realization

EU Projects – From idea to realization

Target audience / potential beneficiaries: Private and Public companies, Public Administration and Government Bodies, Universities, Schools, Researchers, Registered Education Providers, Non-government and Not-for-profit organizations, Consulting Companies and Freelance Consultants, Professional Associations…

Duration: 3.5 days (3-day classroom work on-site + ½-day remote work (Skype) )

The objective of the training is to provide participants with comprehensive tools and knowledge to optimize the success rate in the participation in European (and non-EU) calls for proposals under the new 2014-2020 programming period.

The training sessions aim to strengthen the capacities of participants in fund raising and knowledge on EU programs and other funding opportunities, while also strengthening their abilities in project management related to EU programs as well as project design methodologies (PCM, Logical Framework).

The training will combine theoretical approach with practical knowledge, immediately applicable on practical exercises, simulations, “case studies” and examples of granted EU projects. Moreover, the course will take participants through the study of official program’s documents and application forms, official web portal of the European Commission, and provide the widest possible overview on the mechanisms and right approaches to be used to properly address the European funds.

Through the official project documentation and application forms to the competitions, official Web portal of the European Commission and the widest possible review mechanisms and technique of successful access to European funds, will lead you lecturer Alessandro Melillo – a professional trainer for project cycle management and projects of the European Union, which has been selected by office of the European Union Parliament in Italy as an expert in projects of the European Union “responds funds” event on the topic of EU programs 2014-2020.


– EU Policies to programs: Europe 2020 strategy, overview on EU 2014-2020 programs addressed to Serbia;
– From idea to realization: which EU program is suitable for our project idea?
– How to monitor the EU calls for proposal?
– Project financeability matrix;
– Project design, Project Cycle Management;
– From problem to project: project set-up, logical framework, WBS, deliverables, timeline…;
– Project management in the context of EU projects: tools and techniques;
– Project team: roles, responsibilities, consortiums, international stakeholders;
– Quality criteria of a European project;
– How to develop an efficient and comprehensive project budget?
– Project drafting simulation: develop your own idea.

*Training will be held in English

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