Financial Sector

Financial Sector

In line with global trends in banking, in order to provide a competitive advantage in the market and increase the quality of IT project management, it is necessary for the Bank to improve its methodology for managing the implementation of IT projects.

The ultimate goal of this strategically important development project is to further improve business in the following areas:

1.Better decision-making in the project initiation phase, ie, analysis of the effects of investments and return on investment of each project. Based on these analyzes, the project is evaluated in a timely manner before the start of implementation and is either approved or rejected.

2. Introduction of a unified system for human resources management (employees, management, external participants) which is used in modern project management practice for:

  • Increasing the productivity of internal resources
  • Rationalization of the use of external resources
  • Prioritizing projects based on the Bank’s strategy and the total utilization of all IT sector resources

3. Portfolio analysis of realized effects of all Bank projects through management reporting on:

  • Cost status by type of resources used and consumed
  • Planned future resource needs
  • The current status of all Bank projects in the observed time interval
  • The current status of all IT sector projects of the Bank in the observed time interval

4. Standardized way of reporting, communication and preparation of project documentation

The application of a modern CPM Project Management System in the IT sector of the Bank ensures its competitive advantage in the market and increases the quality of IT project management. The financial results of the projects from the perspective of the Investor are reflected in the increase of the value of the Bank’s capital, and from the perspective of the clients in the increase of savings, quality of services and client satisfaction.


  • Intesa Bank
  • Credit Agricole
  • EFG Eurobank
  • Commercial Bank
  • Meridian Bank
  • National Bank of Serbia
  • OTP bank
  • ProCredit bank
  • Universal Bank