Corporate training

Corporate Training

The CPM corporate approach is characterized by a commitment to each client. Every corporate CPM training is preceded by: needs analysis, getting to know the company and participants and finding the best solution through conversations with lecturers.

CPM trainings are:

  • Developed in accordance with the needs of the organization, the expectations of managers and the roles of your employees;
  • Tailored to your area of business and its specifics;
  • Aimed at efficiently resolving business situations that your employees encounter during work;
  • Innovative in line with global trends in project management and organization with the aim of encouraging corporate and personal development of participants,             which will lead to greater efficiency and better business results;
  • Focused on working in small groups that enable commitment to each participant, maximum motivation, efficiency and success of the transfer of new knowledge;
  • Based on the use of the most modern learning methods that we are constantly improving (PMI, Coaching, Follow up, Agile methods and techniques);
  • Experienced in working with thousands of participants in the past 20 years of the CPM team.

The CPM team is here for all your questions and you can contact us by phone 011/313 07 03 or by email and