Investment Construction

Investment Construction

Based on its experience, the CPM consulting team managed to design a unique System (PMIS – Project Management Information System) in accordance with the needs of investors, which uses defined processes and in compliance with national regulations and industry standards to manage all investment data of the company and thus effectively integrate communication of the database on all investments of the company and in that way efficiently unites the communication of investors with other participants in the process. investment construction (designers, contractors, suppliers).

CPM system enables management of all business to investors from conceptual design through design, collection of permits and approvals, tender procedures, contracting, execution, management of contractual changes to obtaining a use permit, as well as final verification of investment results in all according to the best FIDIC recommendations.

The system allows investors a comprehensive view of the current state of the project in terms of workload, deadlines and costs. Users can access the system remotely, in a secure and efficient way, no matter where they are at any given time. Which is very important, especially for investors, who at the same time implement a large number of projects that are business dislocated.

What is a common challenge for investors in the investment construction sector is the production of clear and accurate project and program reports. There are often islands of information whose aggregation requires a great deal of time and labor, with the risk that some data are inaccurate because they are not submitted in a timely manner. With the CPM system, the investor is enabled to have all investment data in one place and to enter the data processed in the system at the time of creation, which allows obtaining timely and accurate reports with various insights into the implementation of projects and programs.

ORACLE Primavera software solutions are used as a platform for managing investment, cash, resource and communication flows of leading companies in the investment sector. This platform at all levels allows managers to assess the impact of their own on the planning, implementation and assessment of trends in the implementation of each individual investment.

Some of our references in the telecommunications sector:
– Telekom Srbija
– Telekom Republike Srpske
– VIP mobile
– Telenor
– ATI Project
– Energo group
– Mašinoprojekt ad
– Energoprojekt ad
– Jadran d.o.o.