The CPM methodology represents an approach to the implementation of the projects we have developed. We carefully assess the client’s implementation needs and, based on them, assemble teams of experienced professionals, which include a project manager, integration experts, project management methodologists, implementation consultants, business process management experts and certified trainers.

We have built and perfected our own methodology for managing project implementation solutions in companies and a set of standard design tools. Our approach to implementation is based on a practical process modeled on our portfolio project management systems. Here are some key benefits of our approach:

  • It focuses on business needs
  • Maximizes the profitability of the Client’s investments within the company
  • Defines “how, who, what and when”
  • Encourages the cooperation of the Client
  • Provides documentation
  • Planning development

We have identified key critical success factors that are closely related to our methodological approach. These are the basic indicators that drive the success of the implementation and focus on managerial or entrepreneurial areas that must be constantly paid attention to. These key critical success factors are:

  • Getting support from the top
  • Providing strategy
  • Managing stakeholder expectations
  • Change management
  • Development of documentation and instructions
  • Striving for customer satisfaction

Our methodology is designed to provide an effective plan for implementing project management systems, while integrating systems into the client’s organizational and project management processes. Our many years of experience have shown that this approach reduces risks and increases the potential to achieve the desired results.

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