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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

CPM consulting team managed, from the standpoint of business investors in the oil and gas sector, to design a single database System on all investments of the company (PMIS -Project Management Information System), effectively integrating all communications from  investors to other participants in the process.

The system allows investors a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the project in terms of volume, deadlines and costs. Users can access the system via Internet in a safe and efficient manner, regardless of where they are at a particular moment. It is very important, especially for large investors that are  carrying out simultaneously  a number of spatially dispersed investments.

The common thing to those who invest significant resources in a number of projects in the oil and gas sector is the difficulty of producing general and accurate reports, because often there are islands of information whose integration requires a large expenditure of time, with the additional reservation that some information is not submitted on time. With CPM System all records on investments are in one place and are automatically processed in the system, making it possible for the investor to obtain a report on various aspects of the project at any time.

As a platform for managing investments cash flows and communications, software solution Primavera Contract Management is used, which meets a compelling need for contract management at all levels of the company and allows investment managers to assess the impact of their decisions on the future of each contract. In addition, the dynamic (network) planning and investment control Primavera Professional Project Management software solution is applied.