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Центар за управљање пројектимаЦентар за управљање пројектимаЦентар за управљање пројектима
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Public Sector

Public Sector

For more than a quarter of a century, Project Management Systems in the Public Administration Sector have been used in institutions across Europe and the United States for teamwork, planning, implementation and control of investment, development and infrastructure projects. Modern project management systems in the Public Administration Sector are functional, easy to use and applicable to programs and projects of all sizes.

The Project Portfolio Management system based on PMI best practices helps organizations in the Public Administration Sector to initiate, select, plan, manage and control even the most complex projects and programs. These systems provide the Agencies and line Ministries with a comprehensive view of the progress of all projects and programs and enable successful implementation within deadlines and budgets and regulatory requirements.
Compliance with the requirements of international financial institutions, international accounting standards and EU regulations are an integral part of the implementation of the Project Management System in the Public Administration Sector and provide integrated management of all financial and time aspects of the program and project.

Phased in, the System provides precise planning and management of complex programs and interdependent projects. A management system based on project roles (strategic management, functional management, project managers, project team members) provides the following business effects:

  • Integrated planning and control of all projects and programs within the budget
  • Standard (PMI) methodology for project management
  • Comprehensive knowledge base for the development of best project practice
  • Application of technological and business experiences in the implementation of the strategy
  • Standardized measurement of project performance
  • Effective communication mechanisms with all key participants in the project (financier, investor, designer, contractors, suppliers)
  • Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Belgrade water supply and sewerage
  • Serbian Chamber of Engineering
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Construction
  • Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government
  • Ministry of Capital Investments
  • Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Ministry of Health
  • MUP of the Republic of Serbia
  • PC Belgrade
  • PC of Serbia
  • SDPR Jugoimport